First fight: check. When you come from different cultural background, you have different timing and different pririties, it’s hard not to bicker. Polish priority: comet to the airport waaay before the departure time and get the best place in the Ryanair boarding queue. Spanish priority: dirnk coffee and smoke a morning cigarette, no metter how late we are.

Fortunatelly, we managed to do both. And, as a bonus, we won a mini battle against Ryanair ridiculous rules: after squuzing Igor’s enormous backpack into Ryanair’s “baggage size check box”, we were denied entering with a sleeping pad (it was 2cm too long, they said). Explanations that it’s flexible and we can (not so) easily fit it, didn’t help. So we did. Ryanair -0, Backpackers-1. We also managed to (accidentally) bring a corkscrew (this deadly weapon) on board.

Backpackers! don’t let Ryanair get you! Budapest, here we come!

In Raynair

happy with sleeping pads and corkscrew on board

train to the airport

making up after first fight

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One thought on “First

  1. Just

    I do not agree that Polish priority is to get first in a queue. But it is rather important to get on board at all, which might prove difficult when travelling with Spanish 😛 anyway, luckily it’s your last time-sensitive departure during this trip, no? (hopefully 😉

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