I’m not really an easy person to impress, but I sincerely loved Belgrade. It’s nothing concrete, I loved absolutely everything. In my personal opinion this city had some kind of soul that I didn’t find for long time now, so I’ll try to explain it.


City center

I found that Belgrade caught the best of its general influences, Soviet, western European, Mediterranean and their own Balkan one. You can find those big and cold Soviet building as well as stately ones. You can also find a cobblestone little streets and markets hidden in a cute spots with very eastern style full of small corridors, stairs, different levels and, above all, amazing fruits (specially grapes and wild berries). The city was built in the confluence of two rivers (Sava and Danube) with soft hills all around, so the surroundings are also great.

Another pro about that discrete lovely city are the people. Every Serbian who we talk with, was helpful and hospitable (I’m writing this from Ohrid and we can extend that to Macedonians), in a way very rare to find in western Europe where everybody distrusts everybody . They are open and talkative, but not in the excessive way as we do in Spain, actually the city is lively but pretty quiet at the same time. I specially liked to see people from all range of ages on the streets and parks . Grandpas with children eating popcorn and ice cream, young people drinking beer and whole families in a rock concert (we went to the Belgrade beer festival, with free concert all night long). Apart from that, there are tourists (we are in August) but it’s not the Barcelona’s overwhelming craziness at all.





I could also gladly feel that the Serbians are still not influenced by all those stupid European rules and laws that tell people what to do, moreover everything remains respectful. I don’t want to drain my limited adjectives background and leave some for the other cities. Anyway that’s an obligatory city to visit or come back.

Nice graffiti

Nice graffiti

Cathedral of Saint Sava

Cathedral of Saint Sava

Branko's Bridge

Branko’s Bridge

Nice patio

Nice patio




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3 thoughts on “Belgrade

  1. Just

    I’m curious what are “those stupid European rules and laws that tell people what to do”? 😉

  2. I can´t speak for Igor, but personally, I find for example the regulations regarding shapes and sizes of fruits and vegetables pretty ridiulous.
    I really loved to see Belgrade market with all these fruits with some faults or irregurities. Something that is disappearing uner EU regime.

  3. Just

    well you should see Belgian tomatoes Ch bought lately – I’m pretty sure no rules there xD 😉

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