Macedonia, first impressions

Macedonia is probably the most exotic place where we are going to hitchhike. We heard before about the mix of ethnicities and religions, but it is Skopje where you can really observe it.

As proper hitchhikers, we passed the border walking. There are two control barriers to cross the Serbian and the Macedonian border, the space in the middle looked like Mordor. The Serbian customs policeman laughed a little bit at us asking if we where part of the mafia (he probably heard about Spanish politicians). The first thing you see arriving to Macedonia is a lot of gipsies trying to get money from everybody. They didn’t insist too much with us because of the hitchhiker appearance.

Then we got a ride from a very friendly Macedonian trucker with that sort of huge cabin (we were missing that kind of conversations with experienced truckers who knew at least one word in every language, because they had traveled everywhere). We went down just on the outskirts of Skopje.We asked where to take the bus to the owner of a little corner shop. There we discovered one of the Macedonian people characteristics, they are very helpful. The man showed us the way so we took the bus to Skopje.

Welcome to Macedonia!

Welcome to Macedonia!

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