From a gas station in Fauglis to another Gas station near Verona



As well as other days during my trip where very exciting and many things happened, this was probably the most boring one. I also forgot to make pictures, perhaps because nothing was worth to do it. I have fuzzy memories.

I woke up early as I had been doing for the last mornings. I packed the tent, I played a little bit with Pulguita on the grass and I started my duty. About this long period before being picked up I just remember my regular walks from the signal where I was hitchhiking to the shadow and, as it was getting warmer, to the bathroom to refresh myself. It was quite hot. I am not very sure but I seem to remember that around 12 I was already very hungry, and Pulguita too, so we had a quick lunch under a tree that didn’t last more than 20 minutes.

After this, in some point in the early afternoon a car gave us a ride. I cannot remember the car neither, I would swear that it was an Audi or at least a good car. I remember quite well that the air conditioning was on the maximum and the difference between the outside and the inside was tremendous. I also remember that my driver, a middle age Italian guy, was working as a sales representative so he used to travel a lot. That was probably why he picked me up, because needed some conversation. We were actually talking all the time and it was a quite pleasant trip. He was staying in Verona so I told him to leave me in a gas station a little bit before. Finally he was kind enough to drive to a gas station in the other side of the town so I could avoid the highway exit to the south, making my job easier for the next day. It was just in front of the airport, on the other side of the road.

When we arrived It was getting dark. I tried to hitchhike a little bit more but if in Italy it was difficult during the day, at night it should be almost impossible. I did the exact ritual as the night before, play with the cat, dinner, open a beer or two, read my book and sleep early. This was the more exciting part of that day.

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