Drivers, hosts, helpful people

This website is also partly a tribute to all the people that helped us in any way during our tour, by giving us a lift, offering us a stay, showing us the way or amusing us with their company, when we were bored to death with ourselves. We’ll try to update the list of the drivers.

WARNING! We are sure we misspell most of the names and sometimes, we don’t get the names at all. Sorry for that!

  1. Budapest – Kecskemet: Ishte. Ford Silver Focus
  2. Kecskemet – Szeged: Ivan. Red Opel Astra
  3. Szeged – gas station next to Indija: Atila. White Seat Ibiza
  4. Gas station – exit to Indija: Nice Serbian couple. Renault 5.
  5. Indija pay toll – Indija city centre: Very helpful Serbian guy. White truck.


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