DISCLAIMER: We know our English sucks! But we try! Don’t judge us  ( too harshly (: ) 


hitch-hiking in Rhodes

hitch-hiking in Rhodes

My name is Aleksandra. I’m 26, Polish, living in Barcelona.

I like:

  • travelling
  • eating & drinking
  • dancing
  • cats

I don’t like:

  • deceitful people
  • cockroaches
  • Patxaran
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  1. Naomi Springer

    Hello Alekssandra,
    My name is Naomi and I’m from Israel. I really enjoyed reading your blog about your trip to the Balkans. I want to ask you where did you “adopt” that lovely kitten and from where to where did you manage to travel with it and I’m a bit concerned as to what happened to it after your flight back to Budapest?Though I understood that your friend missed his flight and decided to stay with it, right? I’m a big cat lover myself and the little kitten I adopted myself here in Jerusalem, has been with me now for 14 years. He hate being in cars and it’s a big headache for me when I want to travel.
    I’ll be visiting Macedonia in from September.
    Hope to hear from you,
    All the best,

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